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Lovelight Healing Center welcomes functional nutritionist

Amy Kinzie
Amy Kinzie

GRAYSLAKE – Nutrition is a vital component of the body’s proper physiological function, supporting the ability to fight disease. Lovelight Healing Center recently welcomed Amy Kinzie, BS, CWC, to its roster of experienced practitioners.

The center promotes health and wellness through a holistic approach. The addition of nutrient therapy offers clients the ability to unlock their body’s innate healing capacity.

“The body knows how to be healthy and is always striving toward balance,” Kinzie said in a news release. “We just have to figure out what it is not getting enough of, or what is getting in the way of achieving that balance.” 

Kinzie graduated summa cum laude from National University of Health Sciences with degrees in biochemical science and clinical nutrition. She learned how to use blood chemistry test results to uncover clues to nutritional imbalances to the body through her studies with Jim Marlow, chief nutritionist at Mercola Clinic. She has been dedicated to the study of using food as medicine for the past 20 years. Her extensive training has focused on autoimmune disease, chronic infections, mood disorders, ADHD, migraines, gut issues and metabolic disorders.

Kinzie also teaches nutrition in drug and alcohol rehabilitation and recovery for NICASA in Round Lake.

“We are delighted to welcome Amy to Lovelight. Her ability to customize a nutrition and lifestyle plan for our clients provides for a sound partnership in assisting them to achieve their wellness goals,” Colleen Ofsanik, owner and director of Lovelight, said in the release.

Kinzie is scheduling functional nutrition assessments at Lovelight. For information, call 847-350-7000.

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